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Export Bitmap Data

Generally speaking, there are 6 steps prior to export bitmap data.

  • Step 1: Import an existing Windows font
  • Step 2: Change characters range
  • Step 3: Change font height (if necessary)
  • Step 4: Modify single character
  • Step 5: Configure data formats
  • Step 6: Export bitmap data

Bitmap Data Format

BitFontCreator can export bitmap data in all kinds of formats. There must be one data format can suit your need: 4/8/16/32-bit data length, Big or Little Endian, Row or Column scan line, Packed or not.


Download Sample files

Download the sample files created by v3.1:

1. Sample .foc file: fontArial16h.foc
2. Sample .c file: fontArial16h.c
3. Sample .dat file: fontArial16h.dat
4. Resource file: bfctype.h & bfctype.c

Download the above files

Sample "C" - code

BitFontCreator can export a C file containing jump tables and the bitmap data of all characters. Also you can export the pure bitmap data to a .dat file in Binary format.

Note: BitFontCreator only supports Latin characters (0-255). If you need Unicode characters, please try BitFontCreator Pro.

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